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Healthy Eating in Pregnancy

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Why Weight? Mums

Managing your weight when pregnant may reduce any health risks associated with being overweight in pregnancy

Why Weight? Mums is a FREE ‘healthy’ weight management service for pregnant and new mums with a BMI greater than 30. We are here to support you to make changes to improve your health, the health of your baby and family.

When referred into our Why Weight? Mums programme you will be allocated a Healthy Weight Advisor who will support you on a 1-2-1 basis. Your Healthy Weight Advisor will:

  • Arrange a comfortable venue to meet with you (this could be your own home);
  • Support you on a monthly basis to identify your priorities and set you healthy lifestyle goals;
  • Motivate and support you to make healthy lifestyle choices;
  • Your advisors will encourage you to minimise the amount of weight you gain during pregnancy and support you to lose weight post-natally. They are also there to;
  • Provide advice and support with breastfeeding and weaning your new baby.

If you have any questions or would like more information please contact us via email at

Fiona's Story

Fiona 2

I was told about the Why Weight? Mums service by a pregnant friend when I told her how concerned I was about piling on the pounds; as I had in a previous pregnancy. She told me someone was helping her manage her weight and that it was a really easy plan to follow.

I was a bit apprehensive, as I thought I knew a lot about dieting, but when my Healthy Weight Advisor went through the simple portion sizes and food groups I could see the common sense and healthy eating involved.

I struggled early on with my mobility as I suffered with separation of the symphis pubis, which meant I couldn't walk far, and was on crutches from 14 weeks. This meant any extra food I ate couldn't be worked off. I struggled to stay motivated some days, but kept hearing my Healthy Weight Advisor in my head reminding me of my goals and how I could stay in control by completing my food diary and that each pound I kept off would be one less pound to lose once my baby arrived.

I'm well into Phase two now; the whole family is eating more healthily, and my 4 year old is really enjoying all the extra walks round the park, and that Mommy can now play football, or help him ride his bike.

I feel I have gained so much from Why Weight? Mums; I have more energy (which I need with two children) my baby has a much healthier Mom, and my partner has lost a bit of weight too. I'm no angel, and still have the odd treat, but by writing it down I can stay in control. I have lost 13lb in my first 5 weeks, and am currently 2lb off my next 5% weight loss.

I would say to anyone who's been referred to Why Weight? Mums, to look at it as an opportunity not an insult. It's a simple, sensible way of enabling us to improve our health both in pregnancy and as a new mom. Oh and it's free!


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